May 31, 2011

This is a very delayed post, but the internet has been a unique experience. The hospital’s internet has trouble loading and my Vodafone wireless dies every 20 minutes. So this post is in regards to last week.

Without fail I wake up by 8 am even on the weekends. Sunday Veron invited us to her parents house in Endanachan so a large group of us drove out in the land cruiser. We picked up mama Julie and some of the kids there and were on our way. We had several break downs and the 15 year old boys would hop out of the back at reattach the fuel pump. After about an hour of this driving and making sure Betsy wasn’t getting car sick we arrived at Veron’s home. It was 3 small house; one with bedrooms, one for cooking and the animal, and one for the living room and main bedrooms. We hung out for a little bit and we ate delicious honey that they had collected the day before. Veron, her younger brother, the children, my surrogate parents, and I all loaded into the car and headed to the water pump.

Once we arrived we all jumped out looked around and began climbing the nearby hill. We thought we lost Veron and Crystal when we started heading down the back but they eventually caught up. On the way down however we passed the hive where they had taken the honey the day before and let’s just say the bees were still very pissed. I was the first to get stung on my back and then my finger. Betsy is very allergic and we left the Epipen in the car so our first concern was protecting her. We all gathered and thought it was over but then saw them zooming around Betsy. Crystal screamed at her to run, the adults scooped up the children and in this time a bee landed on me and stung me in the eye. I let out a scream and almost knocked over Ibraham. Crystal came back up grabbed my hand and pulled me down the trail where we all gathered outside a strangers home. The brother pulled the stinger out of my lower eye and Betsy gave me one of her precious Benadryls. Ibraham and another boy got stung as well on the back of the head and the nose. I was a little rattled but overall fine so we headed back to Veron’s for some lunch. I ate a delicious meal of ugali, rice, beef, and Chinese greens. They warned me that I would be very tired and a little bit after lunch I was passing out so they tucked me into a bed for a nap. I hadn’t seen a bed in the villages yet, but they’re usually made out of sticks, but this one also had a piece of foam on top of that. I was out for about 2 hours until the chicken that had been laying eggs under the bed startled me awake. Luckily it was just in time and we went for a walk to document some of the local fruits because that is Crystal’s job for MAL-ED. The kids brought us Muslaur, which are sweet fruits. Most fruits here cause you to salivate and are either sour or subtly sweet. Veron’s parents and bibi (grandmother) gave us hollowed out gourds as gifts, which can be cut in half to be used as bowls or for decoration.  We finally headed home with Ibraham on my lap, had some spicy chai (tea) at Julie’s, and made it back to the hospital where I proceeded to eat and then past out.


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