and it begins…

May 13, 2011

After hours of packing and several curse words from my dad I am now sitting in the airport about to start my 24 hour flight to Tanzania. This is the start of my two month stay in Africa where I will be conducting research in a hospital and then climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with my grandma and aunt. I managed to get both of my checked bags under the weight limit (a main reason for the cursing) and filled up on food I will not get. As Allie, Vanessa, Rachel, and I sat in the back of a van like abducted children I realized how much I will miss TIGA, but I’m ready for new adventure. My dad continues to talk about the wildebeest migration and that is the first thing on my agenda of things to see. It has been a family tradition since I was little that every Sunday brunch we all would make wildebeests with our hands before eating (our version of prayer I guess). They would proceed to kiss each other and run around on the table (sometimes even using the restroom over our parents’ coffee, Steve’s favorite activity) so seeing the real version of my family antics would be great. I’m not sure of the internet I will have in Haydom so this could be the first and last blog haha but I hope not. Also to everyone who reads Rachel Lo’s blog this won’t be nearly as good or as tastey! It is time to board and catch up on the sleep I haven’t gotten during finals.


One Response to “and it begins…”

  1. pops said

    Day 1. The package is on the plane. The elation is palpable, if not elation, relief. In the last 24 hrs, I have gone to the depths of urban blight to rent a truck – to be told not to return it after dark due to gangs – rented a storage unit in the middle of a freeway; procured boxes; packed; lifted; went on strike for beer; loaded storage; repacked travel bags and inherited a suitcase to take on the rest of my trips as a souvenir. Remember, I had been told “I am 70% packed” last week. That is to assume that the little one was going to be allowed to take her room as a suitcase. True, 70% of her stuff was in her room with another 30 on the group sofa in the hall. Out how parental expectations can collide with reality.

    Notes to all daughters: boxes make a difference; moving helpers require beverages. The universal standard is beer.

    Surprisingly, we had time for an enjoyable dinner with friends.

    She is off and the adventure continues.

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